When it happened

How to do "I do"

After months of planning, preparing and a not so subtle word document with a short list of her favorite engagement rings, Greg was ready to pop the question.  With the ring safely stowed in his pocket, the blessing of her parents in the back of his mind, and a well thought out plan for the perfect proposal, the happy couple set off for a relaxing weekend with friends in San Francisco.  The weather was to be mild with sunshine and a light ocean breeze, but as they crossed the coastal range on the way to Goat Rock Beach, they were greeted with gray skies, biting cold and a stiff breeze.  Greg saw his plans begin to unravel before his eyes.  Time for a plan B.  B as in breakfast.  A short drive up the Russian River led them to a quaint breakfast spot with hit the spot and bought Greg some time for the weather to change.  After stalling for as long as he could without making Camara suspicious, they were soon back on the road to the beach.  Passing once more through the coastal range, they were greeted with small window of sunshine.  The luck of the Irish was in their favor.  After a short stroll on the beach, the wind still biting at exposed cheeks, and Camara quickly loosing interest in being so cold, it was time for Greg to ask Camara the most important of questions.  A quick hike to the top of a grassy hill overlooking the ocean, and a clever plan to capture the moment on film, Greg was ready.  Camara, standing arms folded against the cold, waited less than patiently for Greg to stop fiddling with the camera and take the picture already.  A quick glance to the ocean from her was all the time he needed to retrieve the ring from his pack, place it in his pocket, and take one final calming breath.  "Are you ready?" he asked her.  "Yes!" she responded from behind the collar of her jacket.  He pressed the timer on their camera, counted down the beeps as he approached her.  Timing was everything.  He only had one shot to get this right.  As he reached her side, he faced her and said "I don’t think you’re ready for this."  Dropping to one knee, he retrieved the ring from his pocket.  Through cupped hands and sunglasses, her reaction was perfectly clear.  Shock, surprise and an overwhelming YES! They stood there atop the hill, holding each other, for the next 45 minutes.  She had forgotten about the cold, the breeze, and how to walk.  The next few step back down the path were in fact the first steps of their journey together.

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